Wednesday, June 4, 2008

~~Welcome to Boleh Land...~~

- This is a country where anything is possible
- The leaders has always been thinkin of being a 1st world country, but they have brains of a 3rd or decreasingly to be a 4th world country
- Corruption in here does require at least millions, if not u will be detained under ISA Or BPR
- Every ppl in Boleh Land is stupid except the goverment which has more brains than any other human being
- There is no such thing as human rights.
- We Malaysians has a "tidak apa" habit
- Our police are really "mesra,cepat, dan betul" concepts (u will und if u break d rules)
-Our oil prices are really damn damn damn damn low compared to other places around the world
- No, we do not have oil Produced in Malaysia. but we do have "pokok kelapa"
- No our leaders were not sleeping, they just have the mentality of a 10 year old kid.( so u cant blame them)
- We send some monkey up the space to make some teh tarik.
Thats wat really happened in Boleh Land, Where paradise Became a disaster towards u ...
Enjoy the fuel hike, and thanks to the awakening guys which been sleeping for quite awhile.

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