Wednesday, June 4, 2008

~~Welcome to Boleh Land...~~

- This is a country where anything is possible
- The leaders has always been thinkin of being a 1st world country, but they have brains of a 3rd or decreasingly to be a 4th world country
- Corruption in here does require at least millions, if not u will be detained under ISA Or BPR
- Every ppl in Boleh Land is stupid except the goverment which has more brains than any other human being
- There is no such thing as human rights.
- We Malaysians has a "tidak apa" habit
- Our police are really "mesra,cepat, dan betul" concepts (u will und if u break d rules)
-Our oil prices are really damn damn damn damn low compared to other places around the world
- No, we do not have oil Produced in Malaysia. but we do have "pokok kelapa"
- No our leaders were not sleeping, they just have the mentality of a 10 year old kid.( so u cant blame them)
- We send some monkey up the space to make some teh tarik.
Thats wat really happened in Boleh Land, Where paradise Became a disaster towards u ...
Enjoy the fuel hike, and thanks to the awakening guys which been sleeping for quite awhile.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Special dedication to MR WET WET...

Dear fucker,

You are my fuckin friend...And i hope u know thts fuckin true.No matter wat the fuck happens...i will fuckin be there for u...Whenever the fuck u need me....To lend a fuckin hand...To do a fuckin deed...So fuckin count on me...Whenever the fuck u need me...Fuck, i will always be there...Even to the bitter fuckin end.This is a fuckin friendship which is bond and to show our fuckin friendship.... So go Fuck urself and appreciate all of our fuckin friends...

Yours sincerely fuckin friend...


Hell of a night...

6am.Yup thts d time i finish work.Was workin my ass around d clock till 6 in d mornin..Walao. Well everyone was Quite blur at tht time, Have to work for hours ..Smoke more than almost 3 packet d per day..Gonna die of cancer in d future...

And now let me introducing
Introducing the Trio Freres Team workin team..
Amy Seeeeeeee..... Mogan @ Molan.. Kenneth D legendary lanciao lang...
=) i was not in the pic.. ( Camera Man mer...)

Thir faces are still fresh and bersemangat at this time(all acting oni actually) ..its bout 10 lidat just b4 we took our dinner...Amy was helping me so sort out some prob as i m as usual ( tengah makan ular), Mogan errr...think he was drawing his masterpiece.. he even told us "INI "ARKITEK " drawing u Tau ar..Lu orang mana boleh faham Saya lukis apa la Lanciao...!! Well he was right, his drawing realy make us laugh till we have to stop work for awhile.. PORDAh la u orang tak tau ART itu la..Yeah we realy dont und his mindset of Art anyway..

Kenneth was d most happening guy last night..He smoke also dunno how many packets d , Trashing all d lanciao words to me also dunno how many 000 times d and keep on complaining d job..haha.. Chill la puki...Me..?? i was realy Kapala manyak pening tht time as i have to do our MOLAN work as he was doin his ARKITEK punya LUKISAN...kanneh ( finally also used internet dw la macha..)

PArt 2... well both of this pukima started to looked stress d..haha...

My soul survivor which keep me to survive till that time...Ciggie + Coffee...

bottomline is.... take a look of my desk then u will now d answer d.. don have to explain too much d as i realy a lot of cleanin when i m in d office..just hope kenneth wont fark me again can d...haha..."bo kong mana ada laugh 1 mer" right,,,,???

Thursday, March 6, 2008

~~cRazy Dayz....~~

Its election time been coming..but who gives the shit about it...??
Their just gonna create more and more prob to the "rakyats" oni..And still claiming that ur Vote counts.. Well, To hell with democracy in this country..
wert i knew is that their making the enviroment getting more and more dirty and making false promises again. Well, thts the spirit of "MALAYSIA BOLEH" . apa- apa pun boleh punya...

These 2 days was realy "tulan" ler. Kena daylight robbery twice ler..Hit 4d jackpot also not that easy ler..kanneh. But they were nice ppl thou. the conversation between me n d " sui yao" start with...
" Selamat pagi tuan, mau pergi mana..?? pandu cepat ni.. lagi tak pakai seat belt. banyak bahaya u tau ar...??" So u sekarang manyak kerja masa ar...? mau cepat settle ke...? so macam mana sekarang..
Gave him 50 and request him gave me bac 20, if not he sure telan all d 1. and finally he "gave " me an advice which is damn useful. " saya pun tak mau u punya wang punya, tapi u buat salah saya kena tangkap u.. realy Kanineh to d max ler..sumore give me useful "advice".

on d 2nd day was like more better, i was realy late for a meeting tht day..Cross over d ss2 corner kena terus, i just told him i kerja masa andhe was like ok u ada berapa...??
=) 30 settle terus...

I realy respect them very much, they have the will to help us with giving us such a privilage..and "helping" us so that it will make our time easier..HAIL TO D PDRM ...(polis raja di malaysia) =)
=< >=
~~~ ~~~

And our compliments drink of the month is....
~~Tada... Boss Coffee....~~
realy nice , and "kao" for this original flavour..d Latte tasted better anyway.But i m getting addicted to this kind of stuff..(originally also a coffee lover d now sumore given free flow...hiaz) Startin to drink it starting form this month d.. and 4 tins per day...Its realy free flow!! cant help it. its just beside me oni now.. been drinkin it most of d time around..Makan kopi, Baca kopi, Minum Kopi and Kencing pun ada kopi.. haha. Mogan also claims that " wei, u orang mandi atau minum kopi ini..banyak gila la u orang." but d taste ... hmmm just perfect..

Boss Coffee ( originale ) flavour..
These are the remaining stocks which we are lookng forward to finish it within my intenship finishes..haha.. think my organ is gonna suffer from time to time d..i smoke , i drink and i don even have a healthly lifestyle.. sure die d 1 ...haha..

anyways i m sure to complete it in time..chaoz guys,,got work to do also d...if not lanciao kenneth will b grumbling d...KNN

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to work again...

Harlo, its been quite awhile since i didnt involved in bloggin.. hmmm due to some valid reason such as my laziness gua...Well Cny gone and i have started workin again..Buck up my ass again d... Cham loh...This year sumore lose a lot of money..."hai lat " d lo.. its only of matter of time i declare bankrupt as usual again lo.

Well d good news is , i just wanna intro my work place and my "Tai ko"s" ...quite nice thou,,

but its realy quite a mess with all d papers and cups around..Wat to do...?

wanted to clean up d place 1, but after cleanin up also d place will b back to square 1, so just leave it at its usual place will be nice d...

Thts a pic of me @ my work place,,too bad don have amy pic..haha..sitting at my cozy chair relay makes me wanted to sleep more than work..quite relaxin as no 1 will be there to bother u anyway...haha

And let me intro u to a full time slacker and my supervisor, Mogan. This is d pic i caught him asleep when he was writing. realy respect him for tht .. he was known as Trio ferari at our work place..he comes and goes like d wind,., hmmm his usual phrases are " hari ini saya punya kepala banyak pening la, susah mau mai kerja.." its a lame excuse but he pulled it through etime.. Miracle....!!!

And finally the boss of all bosses, Kenneth, my supervisor and d person which in charge of me and amy report for my intern for the coming months. a nice guy, smokes a lot, and funny.. known as Trio Freres . lanciao lang to d max...d pic taken when he was realy in hell d.. haha.. if he saw wat i was writing , think my whole report or intern will b ruined,but...who cares anyway..??
bottomline is nice guy but lanciao lang anyway..haha

(hak cipta terpelihara 2008)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A bunch of kelena"s havin some fun...

Was thomas bday @ d time (sorry 4 d last update) hee hee...

Its was b4 new year when this pic was taken...It realy meant a lot 4 us bro's to hang out after 4 some time... Every 1 do change especially polo ( d kelena) , Bao bei( thomas)...realised d botak n d ah beng type of hair ...? thts them... was posing d "ah beng" look to b more Ah beng jsut 4 tht day...i do look like 1 all d while d so i don have to explain much bout it anyway..

James n vince do look like a pimp rather than ah beng ler...(OOpssss) sorry ler bro....
As d saying goes with polo backing up which makes vince Tulan is .... Wa ah neh eh lanciao bin , mana uh lang ai ler, potoh yau tua, bin ah boh entao, chia ar bo, mana u lang ai...Whoa Whoa.. A realy big mistake 4 me saying tht words...( was banned in UTar too...)

Mentioning this wors is like creating havoc in Vince ears,
1st - he will " datang bulan"
2nd-he will crap all d fould words tht u never imagined
3rd- if he is not in a good mood, then ma kena Hentam by him lo...
4th- polo transport will b pendin ard ...( he don have his own transport)

( d holy drink n mist )


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Its Realy bEEn a Tough Dayyyyy...!!!!

Wat a tough day it was......

Woke up bout 10 sumthin, n then start delivering some goods and to check d workers at 3 damn F###### location.. D prob started as soon i reached mid valley 4 my 1st pit stop.... was damn frus ler tht time... tht Carrefour security was such an ass guy... i mean he was strict in doing his job but WTF man...? cant he just give a bloody chance to me...? (realy an asshole) >< hee hee....

Was standing there like a dumbass 4 boput 1 hour until its my turn to deliver d drinks n all , n tht dick head wouln:t let me in because i just don have a pass to go through, so in d end i have to walk all d way up to d carrefour entrance... it was damn hot @ d time, so couln"t blame myself 4 being mad at all.. I was like 10-9 words all *#@$$3# around when i tok to my collague...

2nd stop was better abit, coz there was just to check n took some pictures around d booth , grab tht time to makan ular abit (heh heh)....N kap lui to la... Its a must ler after such a bad noon 4 me....Well d girls there was not bad thou ....( Majority malays la)...but a lot of rempit type of face hangin around there ...

3rd stop was @ sri petaling..Grab d time to lepak more d tht time... go tok tok with d promoter which is my senior ler...Went to such a long way sure have to relak abit 1 mer right...? u cant blame me ...i m D Ular king ler...Well known in Pr d ler....nothin mush to do there , jsut collect d form n i m off 4 my next place d ....( tht time i fin work d 1 ler...)

Met jamie there n have a drink with her.... :-)
As usual crappin again with her , then straight home ... tom will still have to rush 4 d 3 locations ... wish me luck with d mid valley Security... hope he wont b workin tom...

Think will go " lim teh ing" again soon...if i m not nappin ler....ANYONE>>>????